Friday, 20 September 2013

Why I Support the RoadPeace "Crash not Accident" Campaign

You may have come across the current RoadPeace campaign "Crash not Accident". The premise being that: Crash Not Accident is a campaign for more neutral, constructive terminology when referring to collisions on the roads.

"We understand that many collisions occur without intent. But we object to the use of ‘accident’ as the standard term for all collisions, including those where the driver is convicted of causing the death, manslaughter, or even murder."

On the whole, I support this campaign about the language used when referring to collisions and the connotations that come from the word "accident". The word accident itself is not a legal word but in practice it’s often intended to refer to any situation when the actions of a person were not deliberate.

Monday, 2 September 2013

[VIDEO] Sunday's Birmingham Flashride

On Sunday, a collection of Birmingham's cyclists got together for a flashride to raise the profile of cycling in the UK outside of the capital.

It was great fun and a really great mix of people and bikes. From cyclists in full MAMIL regalia on carbon fibre hi-spec road bikes, to single speed bikes, recumbents, trikes, trailers, kids on bikes, kids in carry chairs and on trailers, mountain bikes and Pashley’s with baskets etc.

Whatever our style or the type of bike we rode, we all had something in common, a desire to highlight the need for better cycling infrastructure in Birmingham.

written by Levenes Cycling Solicitor, Tim Beasley

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