Friday, 24 May 2013

The Weeks Best of the Worst Anti Cyclist Comments #bloodycyclists

I'm sure we've all heard the story this week about the young trainee accountant who knocked a cyclist off his bike, fled the scene and then tweeted about it later. She then came unstuck as it was re-tweeted all around the country and referred to the police. The Daily Mail is always a fantastic source of cretinous comments when it comes to cycling, so here are the "best" of the most ill informed idiotic comments! #bloodycyclists!

Cyclists are a pain and endanger road users. They also put themselves in dangerous positions, sometimes it seems on purpose. Keep them off the roads
- Doug, Worldwide, 21/5/2013 16:04
Breaking news! Cyclists injure themselves on purpose!

How ridiculous. The tweet also explains that she (the driver) had right of way. So how exactly could the police use this against her? By only taking half the tweet as evidence? Either way, the twits strike again.
- Adz, UKIP, 2015, 21/5/2013 15:16
No, how about the witnesses, injured cyclists, and Emma's admission as evidence instead!?

It is not legally required to stop if you have an accident, you must report it to the police within 24 hours though.
- Capn Jack, Wokingham UK, 21/5/2013 18:53
Been playing too much Grand Theft Auto this one.

Sorry but many of these cyclist are a pain on the roads perhaps cycle tracks should be used for this sport, after all our roads are not safe at the best of times.
- norfolkgirl, norwich, United Kingdom, 21/5/2013 15:07
Sorry Sir Wiggins, no more road cycling allowed.

Good on her! Fed up with idiot cyclist thinking the road belongs to them. WRONG. Follow the Highway Code!
- pedro, Brentwood, 21/5/2013 22:25
As opposed to the idiot motorists who think the same, no?

they should pay tax and have to have insurance if using a road simple
- morgy, birmingham, 21/5/2013 15:50
Simple. Right, all the child cyclists out there, apply for insurance if you will please. Morgy has spoken.

Can anyone inform me why cyclists feel the need to cycle side by side ?!?!? They Ort to be banned from roads they are a danger to road users but its the car drivers who get in trouble !! And they DON'T pay car tax AND jump red lights and half the time veer into the middle of the road !!!!!!!!!
- chazzles, sheffield, 21/5/2013 22:06
Another one who thinks cyclists intentionally get themselves run over!

despise cyclists. well done to this lady.
- The Boot Of Cantona, Old Trafford Trophy Room, 22/5/2013 0:28
Yes, she's the model of intelligence and behaviour.

Although her attitude is awful, it's ridiculous that cyclists cycle on the road. That causes more accidents than anything. And it does seem that they think they're the most important thing on the road. It also causes delays and frustration. I've seen cyclists disregarding cycle paths and choosing to go on the roads instead. They should be on pavements.
- Anna, Jersey, 21/5/2013 20:54
Cyclists cause delays apparently. We should all drive to work instead, add thousands of more cars to the road and see if that helps the delays.

Nothing against cyclists, but they shouldn't be on the road, they are a danger to them selves and drivers, roads are for vehicles.
- Lotharez, washington, 22/5/2013 13:42
Bike = Vehicle? 

Arrogant cyclists! If they are not breaking the rules on the road - they are biking on the pavement knocking pedestarians over.
- Tellithowitis, Clacton on sea, 22/5/2013 13:31
Get out of the way #bloodypedestrians

and finally... my personal favourite....

cyclists are scum
- don keyballs, the north, Algeria, 21/5/2013 16:38
Cheers Don. Have a nice day yourself too.

The article complete with cretinous comments can be found here.

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