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"Best" of The Worst Comments on Dutch Style Roundabouts

You may have seen the news on the Dutch style roundabouts that are being trialled at the moment. It's been picked up by a few of the papers and the usual ill informed anti-cycling mentalists have been given an excuse to bash on their faces randomly on their keyboards.

We start with the Evening Standard below, as a prelude to the comments on the Daily Mail article comments further down....

Evening Standard - Radical ideas that could save lives on London’s roads - link

If you want to reduce the cycling deaths then educate cyclists to abide by the highway code that other road users abide by and license and enforce these measures just as all the other road users are. Simple ! No need for fancy roundabouts just make cyclists stick to the highway code and the deaths will plummet !

Another rubbish idea that will cost millions and end up being more dangerous to all road users.
If you want to cycle in Dutch style cycle lanes go to Holland,
We are in LONDON a city 15 times the size of Amsterdam and 15 times more populated. With a pace and vibrancy of a leading city of the world..
We need a London style system that fits in with our city.
There is only one way to save cyclists lives and that is to teach them how to use the roads properly, get them licensed, too many of them treat the roads like it is a giant playground. Then again what do expect when there are no police on the streets to fine them when they do wrong.

You want a radical solution for safety on the London roads ? get bikers off, or get them trained , and insured , and recognition .simple.??

Sticking to the rules of the road would be a good start towards cyclist safety. A red light means stop, pavements are for pedestrians - how hard can that be?

cycling should be banned London Wide....

Compulsory tests and licenses for cyclists are the only sane solution.

'Scientists' and 'radical ideas' in the same sentence when it comes to cycling, give me a break. Cutting corners and kings of the road springs to mind. Law of natural selection means one less idiot on the road, this applies to car. lorry and cyclists.

Daily Mail - Is this monstrosity of a roundabout coming to a road near you? Scientists test radical ideas that could save cyclists’ lives - link

Cyclist get hurt because they ride like idiots all over the road, red lights mean nothing to them, so lets blame the motorist instead.
- Mark, Leicester,

The Scientists need to do some more sciencing. Firstly, there isn't enough room in most cities to build roundabouts like this. Secondly, cyclists that I encounter on a daily basis, will still just cycle straight across that, without stopping for cars, lights or pedestrians...
- CyKosis, Pompey,

Tell you what will save cyclists lives - them actually stopping at red lights!
- Every dog has its day, Manchester, UK.,

Not cycling around on the roads like they own them & have every right to rally about like a maniac would improve their safety. Most hurtle about like lunatics up the rear of other vehicles & cutting in front of them as if they are bulletproof. Why should they take presidence when they are the cause of most accidents?
- Twins Galore, Welling, United Kingdom,

Here's an idea, ho about cyclists adhering to the highway code and using some common sense, especially at junctions ?
- ronburgundy, essex,

Traffic lights fixed at the height of cyclists, they already see them and just choose to ignore them, ridiculous idea.
- Andy A, Manchester,

I want to know why cyclists think red lights don't apply to them?
- Size 6, England,

Cyclists don't use the cycle paths so don't waste your money boris.
- Ian, Fareham, United Kingdom,

Cyclists think they own the roads... Too many in London jump red lights and don't obey by the rules of the road... Can't stand them!!
- ST, London,

How about we just get cyclists to obey the rules of the road and stop jumping lights and stop putting themselves is bad positions.
- leebok, Clapham,

Ok a few FACTS. Cyclists dont have to take any form of test. Cyclists dont have a minimum age before riding on the roads. Cyclists dont have to pay road tax Cyclists dont have insurance. Cyclist dont have number plates. Cyclists dont have to have a MOT on their bikes. Cyclist dont have to have a warning device (horn/bell) Cyclist are not forced to wear a crash helmet. Cyclists can ride with headphones in their ears. Cyclists are never pulled over and check for alcohol. Cyclist dont get points on their licence. This is not a downer on cyclists,just a few home truths. Reverse all the above for a motorist/motorcyclist and you might get a clue why motorists get a bit hacked off . Yes,cyclists dont cause pollution etc but they should still be liable for a share of the legislation that other road users have to endure. Why? because they are USING THE ROAD !!!!
- nighthawk, stevenage,

The reason many cyclists are killed and injured every year is that they ignore the highway code and are not obliged to take any form of training before riding on busy roads.
- SamuiDunc, Koh Samui Thailand, Thailand,

So when will Cyclist start paying road tax to pay for all this then....
- NicoleSiva, Bristol, United Kingdom,

Put a purchase tax on bikes to pay for this.
- Toto Kubwa, Paphos,

Lefty claptrap! Cyclists should leave their toys at home and get behind the wheels of their cars, and those that don't should take the risk of the survival of the fittest. Our taxes are being wasted on this sort of nonsense. UKIP would out an end to this lunacy. Vote UKIP!.
- CaptainGinger, Islington,

Shouldn't be on the road in the first place. Ride on the path or don't ride at all! Dangerous idiots, all of them!
- Lea, The Magic Far Away Tree, United Kingdom,

Maybe make them pay by mile like in road charging why should my tax pay for Lycra clad louts to use a road I use?
- Red Velvet, Chester,

- NAOMI, Bloomsbury London, United Kingdom,

Too much... roads are for driving. Cyclists should be given the pavements.
- agill, Wolverhampton,

Just ban them from the roads altogether - that will save cyclists' lives and make everyone else much happier too. Let them have designated play areas where they can put on their spiderman suits and ride around to their hearts' content.
- Just Dona, Metropolis, United Kingdom,

Cyclists do not pay road tax... Shouldn't be able to use our roads! Think they cause more accidents
- Jay-26, Liverpool, United Kingdom,

I pay my road tax. Cyclists don't. It's my right of way. This idea is ridiculous.
- anon519, bristol, United Kingdom,

Like we dont have enough traffic problem in London as it is! I know ban cyclists!
- Jay, London,

They don't pay road tax or have to pay to park so why can they use our roads!
- Jay-26, Liverpool, United Kingdom,

Ban cyclists.
- Luke, London,


...whilst we're on the subject of the Dutch cycling infrastructure, you may want to read about Levenes cycling solicitor, Tim Beasley's recent trip to the Netherlands and how he found cycling different to the UK. Read that here.

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