Friday, 24 May 2013

The Weeks Best of the Worst Anti Cyclist Comments #bloodycyclists

I'm sure we've all heard the story this week about the young trainee accountant who knocked a cyclist off his bike, fled the scene and then tweeted about it later. She then came unstuck as it was re-tweeted all around the country and referred to the police. The Daily Mail is always a fantastic source of cretinous comments when it comes to cycling, so here are the "best" of the most ill informed idiotic comments! #bloodycyclists!

Cyclists are a pain and endanger road users. They also put themselves in dangerous positions, sometimes it seems on purpose. Keep them off the roads
- Doug, Worldwide, 21/5/2013 16:04
Breaking news! Cyclists injure themselves on purpose!

HGVs must step cycle-safety up a gear

With cyclists deaths at an all time high in London it’s hardly surprising that the London mayor has banned HGVs without cyclist safety measures such as vehicle camera systems. In fact, new statistics have shown that cyclist deaths have hit a five-year high.

A recent tragedy which brought the spate into the public eye was when a bike got caught under the wheels of a lorry when the cyclist and driver both turned left in rush hour traffic, killing the cyclist. The mid-thirties cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

There was a staggering 14 cyclists killed in London accidents, last year, with lorries causing over half of all cyclist deaths, despite them making up a small amount of the total traffic.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cycling Solicitor Tim Beasley Goes Dutch!

Levenes Cycle Injury have been long time supporters of the LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch campaign. But what does going Dutch actually mean? A recent family holiday to the Netherlands gave me a chance to find out. I toyed with taking my carbon fibre road bike and decking myself out in full MAMIL regalia, but resisted the temptation and instead opted for a "when in Amsterdam do as the Amsterdammers do" sort of approach. So instead, I hired a cycle for the week.

"Best" of The Worst Comments on Dutch Style Roundabouts

You may have seen the news on the Dutch style roundabouts that are being trialled at the moment. It's been picked up by a few of the papers and the usual ill informed anti-cycling mentalists have been given an excuse to bash on their faces randomly on their keyboards.

We start with the Evening Standard below, as a prelude to the comments on the Daily Mail article comments further down....