Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cycle Forum discussion of Birmingham Cycling Revolutions

Birmingham Critical Mass Ride
On 16th April, I attended a Birmingham Cycle Forum hosted by the city council to discuss Birmingham Cycle Revolutions.  Representatives from Pushbikes and Sustrans were there to lend their input as well.

The meeting was held in order to consult on the council’s application for £20m from the Cycle City Ambition Fund to fund the Birmingham Cycling Revolutions. The application involves submitting plans for how the city will improve cycling infrastructure over 20 years. It’s exciting but also daunting. Birmingham is traditionally motor city having been the home of the car industry; the car is king and has been for years. That’s changing with the price of fuel being so high and the cost of insurance for young drivers pricing out some of the under 25s. There are however more cyclists out there and there is an opportunity to change things for the better.