Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Getting Inspired at the ExCeL London Bike Show 2013

Levenes Cycle Injury spent the four days of the London bike show talking to the cycling faithful in attendance. Rather pleasingly, the cold and snowy weather had not succeeded in deterring the attendees showing up en masse.

We talked about our free to use Interactive Accident Map and how it is a tool for individual cyclists that can help identify junctions or roads on the commute to work that might need extra care or avoiding altogether. Or for cycle groups and campaigners who want to know where cycle accidents happen in their area, a quick glance at the map will show you if there is a particular junction or road with an inordinate number of accidents.

We had many discussions about headcams and CCTV, the past, present and future of cycling, "that" BBC show cropped up a few times and people were very keen to spend some time browsing their areas on the map as most had a story to tell. The general consensus seemed to be that despite things being far from perfect, cycling is slowly but surely moving in the right direction, and sooner or later politicians and road planners won't be able to side-line us as they have in the past.

Perhaps the most interesting discussions are when someone finds their accident marked on the map and we can use Google street view to jump in to the map as they describe what happened to them. Far from being put off cycling, the passion these people have for cycling to get back in the saddle, talk about their accident and attend bike shows despite being knocked off, is inspiring.


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