Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Diary of a New Cycle Commuter - Week 7 - Filtering through the Snow

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Took busier more well travelled roads today due to the snow and ice that had turned side roads into ice rinks. The plus side is that busier roads will be snow free, but the obvious down side is that there are more motor vehicles on them. Still, when your commute home looks like it does in the video below, filtering past massive cues makes you remember why you cycle!

I kept the same busier route into work as I felt it was faster, and the road is fairly wide allowing for safe overtakes. But back to my regular less travelled route on the way home as it has less right turns across multiple lanes of traffic, and it's uphill so I'm going to be travelling slower. Less potential for conflict points.

I find it mildly irritating when I'm cut up by cyclists. You expect it from motorists, but when cyclists do it, I just can help but think, come on mate, we're supposed to be in this together. Just have some consideration for your fellow cyclists!

And so, the eventful weekend leisure ride...
Visiting the Lea Valley White Water Centre, as recommended to me at the London Bike show. Approx a 25 mile round trip from home. On the way there, I was the victim of a SMIDSY close call...

Once I got to the White Water Centre though it was great. It's right on the river, so you can incorporate a cup of tea in the cafe and a bit of watching kayakers and rafters (once the raft run is back up and flowing) into your ride. Video of the centre below...

And on the way back played leapfrog with the same bus that gave me three MGIF passes within five minutes. The last of the three being particularly annoying...

Total weight lost: Still 7lbs... I assume that's because I'm developing Sir Chris Hoy like muscles in my legs which are adding to the weight. Either that or it's all the coffee, sweets and crap food I ate whilst exhibiting at the ExCeL the previous week...


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