Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Only Good Cyclist is a Dead One...

Richard Nye, editor of the Richmond and Barnes Magazine has decided to make public his views that "the only good cyclist is a dead one".

In his letter from the editor, he waxes lyrical about the GB cycling team, before apparently snapping back to his senses, remembering that he hates cyclists.

But I wonder if the families of the 119 cyclists killed on UK roads in 2011 would agree with you that the only good cyclist is a dead one Mr Nye?

The full article is on page 11 of the online version of the magazine if you want to read his barbaric opinions in full.

UPDATE 1 - Predictably, Richard Nye has claimed we have all misunderstood his comments and would never joke about dead cyclists.
“I am astonished at the reaction to my blog, which had nothing to do with cyclists being killed. I would never joke about such a thing. People have misunderstood my use of phrase. I will respond fully shortly”.
...except of course the joke you just made Mr Nye?

Speaking to the press, Nye issued a set of ridiculous excuses, “With regard to my remark about the only good cyclist being a dead one, it is just a phrase, like people who said during the Cold War that ‘the only good Russian is a dead one’. It’s a standard English phrase. It doesn’t actually mean you want to see that person dead."

Even if this is what he actually meant, the fact he has mentioned the Cold War and labelled cyclists as the enemy is fuelling the fire that many motor vehicle users seem happy to stoke. Mr Nye certainly believes it's war out there. The world vs the cycling menace that must be eradicated. As we know it's an attitude that many motor vehicle based road users share.

He admitted, “If I were writing the piece again, I perhaps wouldn’t choose to use that phrase and if there are individuals out there who have suffered a painful loss as a result of a cycle accident, then to those individuals I am very sorry and it certainly wasn’t anywhere in my thoughts at all to think about cycling fatalities when I wrote that line.”

Nye then went on to dig himself further into the hole, “a lot of cyclists behave in ways that don’t help anyone, least of all themselves.”

At this rate he's going to need to apologise for the apology for the editorial.

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