Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Four Lanes. 15 Metres of Pavement. No Room for a Cycle Lane?!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And providing proper cycling infrastructure is like eating an elephant. You have to tackle it one bite at a time. And that means that you cannot expect streets to be ripped up willy nilly to create proper cycle infrastructure overnight. The Dutch were in the same state as us once and they set about to create a road system that made proper provision for cyclists.  You cannot achieve this overnight.  However, you can take a bite out of the elephant every time a particular road is due for any major work. Take the opportunity to improve things for cyclists. Over a period of time the dots will be joined up. Before you know it, you have created an environment fit for cycling.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Only Good Cyclist is a Dead One...

Richard Nye, editor of the Richmond and Barnes Magazine has decided to make public his views that "the only good cyclist is a dead one".

In his letter from the editor, he waxes lyrical about the GB cycling team, before apparently snapping back to his senses, remembering that he hates cyclists.

But I wonder if the families of the 119 cyclists killed on UK roads in 2011 would agree with you that the only good cyclist is a dead one Mr Nye?

The full article is on page 11 of the online version of the magazine if you want to read his barbaric opinions in full.

UPDATE 1 - Predictably, Richard Nye has claimed we have all misunderstood his comments and would never joke about dead cyclists.
“I am astonished at the reaction to my blog, which had nothing to do with cyclists being killed. I would never joke about such a thing. People have misunderstood my use of phrase. I will respond fully shortly”.
...except of course the joke you just made Mr Nye?