Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cycle Safety Debate - The Best Points, Tweets & Quotes from the 70+ MPs in Attendance

Packed House at the debate
An excellent turn out at the cycle safety debate this afternoon with 70+ MPs in attendence. Some of the best points, tweets and quotes from those in attendence are listed below. Let's hope this is't just all hearsay and actually drives cycles forward change!

p.s. If you're on twitter, also included where appropriate is the MP's twitter username.

Mr Julian Huppert MP says there is “more to do” on cycle lanes and training – ministers should also look at sentencing and prosecution when it comes to cyclists being hit by cars. “The guilty party so often gets away scott free,” he says. “It’s appalling that so many cyclists feel excluded from justice.”

Ian Austin (@IanAustinMP) also says the Ministry of Justice should put in place tougher sentencing.

Calls for 20mph speed limits in cities should be adopted as "quid pro quo" for increasing motorways to 80mph, says Ben Bradshaw MP @benpbradshaw
Mr Bradshaw also stressed “the need for coordination”. “It is very important that the Government speaks with one voice on this.”

Rob Wilson, Tory MP for Reading East, says that councils need to do more than “simply painting white lines on the roads”.

Julian Sturdy MP suggests businesses could sponsor dedicated cycle lanes in return for discount on their rates. #cyclesafe.

"Cycling makes you feel glad to be alive" - Sarah Wollaston MP (@drwollastonmp)

Nia Griffiths, Labour MP for Llanelli, “Cyclists need to be safe on both urban & rural roads, we need high profile campaign to educate drivers,”

Andrew Smith MP Oxford - "We need to switch some highways funding to cycling. not just local funds."
"Let's make sure this debate isn't just a venting of frustration but a catalyst for action"

The aptly named Tom Brake MP - "56% of journeys under 2 miles are made by car. Something we need to address."

Stephen Pound MP says something we can do straight away is to enforce extra mirrors, and side bars on HGVs within council contracts. One of the good things with privatisation, he jokes, “is that councils can exploit the opportunity to renegotiate contracts”.

"Integrate road planning with the needs of cyclists" - Neil Carmichael MP

"We don't want to make our cities less dangerous to cycle in, we want to make them a pleasure" - Steve Brine MP. (@sbrine)

Heidi Alexander MP - "I don't think we should wait until people lose their lives to act." @heidi_mp
Ms Alexander also mentioned the Elephant and Castle Roundabout, a disgraceful safety record at that one as our cycle accident map shows 120+ cycle crashes in 6 years.

"This is the beginning of a big conversation, not just a brief debate." - Jane Ellison MP

Maria Eagle MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.) @meaglemp - “We mustn’t discourage people from getting on a bike - cycling casualties are down 17% across the last decade”
"Additional funding, while welcome, goes nowhere near to replacing levels of funding before,"
"Just painting a thin lane a different colour at the side of the road doesnt provide a safe cycle route."
"I hope the governement will think again about their plan to allow extra length HGVs on our roads. We should be taking steps to switch freight from road to rail."

"Cycling is in coalition agreement" says Norman Baker, Minister for Cycling. "There is no shortage of funds from the government" He also mentions the DfT's data on cycle injuries... we've put all 80,000+ cycle crashes into our UK Cycle Accident map

Julian Huppert ends with "We CAN make a difference"

Read cycling solicitor Tim Beasley's reaction to the debate by clicking here.

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