Friday, 24 February 2012

Debate Reaction - Cycling Solicitor Tim Beasley talks Red Lights and Liability

Packed House as 75 MPs Attend Debate
One of our cycling solicitors Tim Beasley has his say on the points discussed in yesterday's cycling debate in Westminster. (Missed the debate, read a quick round-up here)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cycle Safety Debate - The Best Points, Tweets & Quotes from the 70+ MPs in Attendance

Packed House at the debate
An excellent turn out at the cycle safety debate this afternoon with 70+ MPs in attendence. Some of the best points, tweets and quotes from those in attendence are listed below. Let's hope this is't just all hearsay and actually drives cycles forward change!

p.s. If you're on twitter, also included where appropriate is the MP's twitter username.

Mr Julian Huppert MP says there is “more to do” on cycle lanes and training – ministers should also look at sentencing and prosecution when it comes to cyclists being hit by cars. “The guilty party so often gets away scott free,” he says. “It’s appalling that so many cyclists feel excluded from justice.”

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

3 Mile Flashride To Go Via Some of London's Most Dangerous Junctions. 209 Accidents in 6 Years.

The Times Cycle Safe Campaign has triggered discussion of cycle safety at a national level, to the point where the MP for Cambridge and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Bicycle Group, Julian Huppert, has secured a 3 hour cycle safe debate in Westminster on Thursday February 23rd. To remind MPs of the important changes that are needed to street and junction design all over Greater London, not least at Parliament Square, which is only metres from their workplace, there is a flash-ride planned on Wednesday 22nd.

The route of the ride has been designed to go via many of the buildings and streets containing the very MP's that will debate the issue of cycle safety the following day. Perhaps coincidentally, the route and therefore the streets and junctions around parliament are some of the most dangerous in London with no less than 209 reported cycling accidents between 2005 and 2010 on the three mile ride.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tim's Cycling Diary Part 3 - Assuming the Primary Position

After a 2 week break, I was back out on the A4040 ring route and this time I was on my new bike. It’s my first proper road bike as I have always ridden hybrid bikes before. I blame my mother for this. In my youth I always wanted a racing bike, but I was brought up to believe that nice boys don’t have dropped handlebars. I suppose that as a grown man I could have got a proper road bike well before reaching the age of 45 but I'd never got round to it until now.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

200+ Cyclists Injured in 6 Years at TfL's 14 "Challenging" Junctions

Following the launch of The Times' Cycle Safe campaign, TfL has announced that they will be looking at 14  junctions where no scheme is planned, but where it is felt that there are "particular challenges" for cyclists.

These junctions are listed below along with a screen shot of the area from our Accident Map and a count of the number of dots (which represent injured cyclists) at the junction and it's approaches. Click on the images to browse the area and view details on every accident.

The accident data is supplied by the Department For Transport and is for 2005-2010. 2011 data will be added to the Accident Map as soon as it is released.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cyclist's Death Brings Positive Result in Inquest into HGV Safety

Image courtesy of LCC
A young lady* was killed by a refuse lorry as she passed it last year. The verdict at last weeks inquest was that it was an accidental death.

Both the investigating police officer and the Coroner said that the lorry, which was not fitted with side guards,  would have benefitted from having them in place. Refuse lorries are amongst several categories of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) which are exempt from this requirement and so were not legally required to be fitted to this particular lorry. (More information can be found at Transports Friend**). Whilst no criticism was directed against the driver of the lorry or his employers, they did not see a reason why side guards should not be fitted on this type of refuse lorry in London and that there is a real risk of similar fatalities occurring unless action is taken to ensure that such refuse lorries are fitted with side guards.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tandem Bike + A Roller Coaster = Crazy Japanese Cycling Roller Coaster [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

What do you get if you cross a tandem bike and a roller coaster? Exactly, a cycling roller coaster. Or to be more precise, the Sky Cycle at Washuzan Highland Park, Okayama, Japan.

Their website simply asks that you are 130cm tall (and presumably not afraid of heights) if you want to:

"Ride the bicycle at 16m (equivalent to 4-story building) from the ground level. Enjoy the thrill and view"

With the Shimotsui-Seto Bridge in the background, what a view it is as well! Maybe this is a solution to improving cycle safety throughout the UK? Bikes on rails 16 meters above the entire road network. Done.