Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tim's Cycling Diary Part 2 - Fat Balls & Wind...

Clearly the weather gods had read Part 1 of this blog last week. So he doesn’t like wind eh? We’ll show him...Little did I know what I was facing. I set off to try the outer circle number 11 bus A4040 route around Birmingham on Sunday, this time going clockwise. The weather was calm for the first 30 minutes or so which was sneaky. Then suddenly the wind got up and it was a nightmare. I could have turned back at that point, but I was feeling stubborn.

I mused as the wind buffeted me that perhaps this was like the fairy tale of childhood. The old story about how the wind and the sun compete as to who will be the strongest. They see a knight on his horse. The wind insists that he is the strongest and he will blow the man’s cloak off. The wind tries and fails. The knight simply fastened his cloak all the more tightly. The sun then comes out and the man takes it off voluntarily as he gets too hot. Well, it was like that, only without the bit where the sun comes out and I get hot. Or the cloak... Or the horse...

Image Credit - Milo Winter
There was nothing for it but to get my head down and pedal. But in so doing, I wasn't paying attention to the road signs and got lost, or as us men like to call it, "took the scenic route". You would think that this route should be easy. You just follow the 11C bus stops, keep an eye out for A4040 signs and don't get run over by the 11C. Well, once more I made a detour. I probably went 4-5 miles longer than the official 27 miles of the route.  Last week I went the wrong way up Kings Heath High Street, this time I never even saw Kings Heath High Street! Eventually I got back on route and as I am more familiar with the road from Bournville onwards I made it back having taken about the same time this week as I did last week, but then it was windy and I took a longer detour. And, only one number 11 bus overtook me. So, swings and roundabouts.

Image Credit - Christine Matthews
I must say a word about the mule energy bars that I took with me. They stopped me from hitting the wall this week. Although they did their job, they have an uncanny resemblance at least in their texture to those fat balls you hang in the garden for the birds. Perhaps they are made of the same stuff? That would explain why the birds in my garden are able to be up and tweeting at half 4 in the morning!

by Tim Beasley - Partner Levenes Solicitors

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