Monday, 30 January 2012

Biggest Cause of Cycle Accidents?

As well as government data detailing all accidents on the UK roads from the past few years, the Levenes Cycle Accident map displays accidents and their details where we have represented the injured cyclist.

The most frequent cause of injury in the cases where we have helped a cyclist claim compensation has been when a vehicle has pulled out of side road into the path of a cyclist.
Take care when cycling past side roads with vehicles waiting at the give way lines, you obviously have the right of way, but be prepared to take action if someone isn't paying attention and pulls out on you. In the event that you are hit, know that it's not your fault and that if you contact us, we can help.

The list of causes are listed below along with a link to an example of a case we have dealt with.

We're constantly updating the map with a selection of our new and old cases, use one of the buttons in the top left of the page, or at the bottom of this article to connect with us and keep up to date.

Vehicle pulling out of a side road into cyclists path

Vehicle turning Right across road

Vehicle pulling out onto roundabout into cyclist

Vehicle turning Left infront of Cyclist

Hit From Behind by vehicle

Vehicle Passing with insufficient clearance

Cyclist Doored

Vehicle Turning Right from behind Cyclist

Impatient Driver at Junction

Bad Road Surface

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