Monday, 12 December 2011

Kevin's Letter to the Editor Re: Times Journo Mary Bowers Injured Cycling

Mary Bowers
Mary Bowers
A copy of Kevin O'Sullivan's "Letter to the Editor" published on The Times website:

More needs to be done to ensure that roads are safe for cyclists and pedestrians

Sir, I was saddened to read of Mary Bowers, the journalist on The Times badly hurt while cycling to work (report, Dec 8). I am a solicitor who has been campaigning on behalf of cyclists for improved safety, in particular in relation to lorries, on London’s roads.

The first issue is road layout. We need to work with engineers in the planning stage to think first of pedestrians and cyclists, and only afterwards to consider motorists.

The second issue relates to fighting for legislation to fit cameras and sensors into lorry cabs which would make cyclists easier to see. This is cheap to fit and could prevent — or at least substantially reduce — many of the cyclist deaths every year in London which are caused by HGVs.

Kevin O’Sullivan
Levenes Solicitors, London

Kevin, is a Partner based at Levenes Solicitors Wood Green office who has been campaigning for a change in legislation to improve cyclist safety around HGVs.

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