Monday, 21 November 2011

Looking Ahead to Tomorrow's Bike Birmingham Forum

by Tim Beasley - Partner Levenes Solicitors

Tomorrow night is the Bike Birmingham Forum. I’ll be attending as these evenings can be brilliant for meeting up with like minded people, and of course, to get involved in some way with the shaping of the future of cycling in my city. I live in Sandwell and cycle to work in Birmingham whenever I can, and because of my job as a personal injury lawyer, I see the dangers that come with that on a daily basis. Some of the key themes on the agenda are the Bike North Birmingham Project, the Cycle Strategy and the launch of the Cycle Passport.

Bike North Birmingham is a project to transform cycling in Erdington and Sutton Coldfield. £4.1m of funds was allocated to this project in April 2011 for a four year project. It will be interesting to hear how they are planning to spend that money. I hope that they will take proper account of the views of cyclists.

The Cycling Strategy is about getting more people cycling across Birmingham. There is a 31 page document on the council's website which talks about "higher priorities" for cyclists and a "new attitude" to cycling and "making it happen", but what is this actually going to mean in practice? Is this lip service or will there be some real practical measures going to be implemented.

The Cycle Passport is intriguing. It's about having a document you can give or show to the police with details of your cycle in the event that it is stolen. Which could act as a deterrent if there was some way of displaying the fact that you are a member of that scheme on your bike. Or at the very least, it gives the police a clear description and no quibbles getting it back should they find it. That being said, there's no substitute for a high quality lock and insurance.

More details can be found here.

by Tim Beasley - Partner Levenes Solicitors

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