Friday, 18 November 2011

CS2 Bow Roundabout Candlelit Vigil - Tonight

Flowers at the scene of the death of father-of-three Brian Dorling.
Image courtesy of Diamond Geezer
You may have heard on the news this morning that local cycling groups Tower Hamlets Wheelers and Newham Cyclists are holding a candlelit vigil this evening from 6-7pm at Bow roundabout to pay their respects to the two cyclists who have died there in the last three weeks.

Brian Dorling died on Monday 24th October and an as yet unnamed female cyclist on Friday 11th November. Both cyclists were hit by left turning tipper lorries as they moved onto the roundabout to continue their journeys, Brian was travelling east and the woman travelling west.

The local community is set to come together to remember the two cyclists, in an attempt to send a message to the mayor that the junction is poorly thought out and needs to be redesigned.

I have to say, the organisers of this vigil have done very well on the publicity front, the fact that it was mentioned in the BBC news this morning has no doubt done wonders to raise awareness of this issue and will hopefully lead to motorists, cyclists and local residents alike taking a couple of minutes out of their commute home this evening to support the vigil at Bow roundabout.

If you want to help, the London Cycling Campaign's website is asking you to send a letter to the Mayor asking for a  redesign of the roundabout:

Further reading: Tower Hamlets Wheelers & Newham Cyclists:

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