Wednesday, 14 December 2011

[PHOTOS] 25 of The "Best" Crap Cycle Lanes

We've all seen them, cycle lanes that come to an abrupt stop, or contain road junk, cars, or concrete posts. Inspired by the first image seen on the LCC's website, of a cycle lane in Stratford and how the council then "fixed it" here are 25 of the "best" crap cycle lanes from around the web.

Crap Cycle Lanes
There. I fixed it!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Mark Cavendish For BBC Sports Personality of the Year!

Mark celebrates winning the green jersey
Mark Cavendish has made the shortlist for 2011s BBC Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY) after capturing his twentieth Tour de France victory and the race's green jersey, before winning the Road World Championships in September.

Kevin's Letter to the Editor Re: Times Journo Mary Bowers Injured Cycling

Mary Bowers
Mary Bowers
A copy of Kevin O'Sullivan's "Letter to the Editor" published on The Times website:

More needs to be done to ensure that roads are safe for cyclists and pedestrians

Sir, I was saddened to read of Mary Bowers, the journalist on The Times badly hurt while cycling to work (report, Dec 8). I am a solicitor who has been campaigning on behalf of cyclists for improved safety, in particular in relation to lorries, on London’s roads.

The first issue is road layout. We need to work with engineers in the planning stage to think first of pedestrians and cyclists, and only afterwards to consider motorists.

The second issue relates to fighting for legislation to fit cameras and sensors into lorry cabs which would make cyclists easier to see. This is cheap to fit and could prevent — or at least substantially reduce — many of the cyclist deaths every year in London which are caused by HGVs.

Kevin O’Sullivan
Levenes Solicitors, London

Kevin, is a Partner based at Levenes Solicitors Wood Green office who has been campaigning for a change in legislation to improve cyclist safety around HGVs.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shock! The Association of British Insurers Wants More Insurance For Cyclists.

Not having a comprehensive insurance policy could prove costly, cyclists have been warned by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

It is not compulsory for cyclists to have insurance. Cycle use in the UK has been increasing in recent years, up about 20% compared with the late 1990s.

With the number of accidents also rising, Malcolm Tarling, of the ABI, says there is now a strong case for all cyclists to have personal injury and third-party cover.
"If you are a cyclist and you are involved in an accident the chance of you being injured are quite high," he says.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

London Mayor Boris Johnson Forced Into Action Following Bow Vigil

bow vigil
The Bow Vigil
Following the candlelight vigil on the CS2 Bow Roundabout last week, the London Mayor's office has released a statement outlining their desire to improve cycling safety on London's roads.

The Mayor of London has met with the family of Brian Dorling, a cyclist killed in east London on October 24. Boris Johnson, said: "I feel bitterly sorry for the loss of any cyclist or any road user on the streets of London and I offered my most humble condolences to the family of Brian Dorling today."

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cycling Solicitor Tim Beasley's Take on Last Night's Birmingham Cycle Forum

by Tim Beasley - Partner Levenes Solicitors

I went to the Birmingham Cycle Forum meeting last night. It was well attended by around 60 or so people.

There were presentations from Birmingham City Council about their Cycling Strategy and Bike North Birmingham. Also in attendance was Dawn Rahman of British Cycling who spoke about the establishment of 7 “hubs” which will hold cycles to be used by community groups completely free of charge. Rounding out the panel of speakers was PC Hand of West Midlands Police who spoke about the Cycle Passport project, which is a way of recording details of your cycle so that if it is stolen you have a chance of getting it back.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Looking Ahead to Tomorrow's Bike Birmingham Forum

by Tim Beasley - Partner Levenes Solicitors

Tomorrow night is the Bike Birmingham Forum. I’ll be attending as these evenings can be brilliant for meeting up with like minded people, and of course, to get involved in some way with the shaping of the future of cycling in my city. I live in Sandwell and cycle to work in Birmingham whenever I can, and because of my job as a personal injury lawyer, I see the dangers that come with that on a daily basis. Some of the key themes on the agenda are the Bike North Birmingham Project, the Cycle Strategy and the launch of the Cycle Passport.

Friday, 18 November 2011

CS2 Bow Roundabout Candlelit Vigil - Tonight

Flowers at the scene of the death of father-of-three Brian Dorling.
Image courtesy of Diamond Geezer
You may have heard on the news this morning that local cycling groups Tower Hamlets Wheelers and Newham Cyclists are holding a candlelit vigil this evening from 6-7pm at Bow roundabout to pay their respects to the two cyclists who have died there in the last three weeks.

Brian Dorling died on Monday 24th October and an as yet unnamed female cyclist on Friday 11th November. Both cyclists were hit by left turning tipper lorries as they moved onto the roundabout to continue their journeys, Brian was travelling east and the woman travelling west.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Levenes Cycle Injury at the London Cycling Campaign AGM

I attended the London Cycling Campaign's AGM last night, a great event with some very interesting points discussed on the night. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how the Go Dutch campaign goes. The LCC’s Go Dutch campaign aims to tackle the years of car-centric planning that have squeezed cyclists off major routes across and between boroughs. The 'Go Dutch' campaign calls for clear space, Dutch-style, for cycling along major roads in every London borough. In my opinion, it’s important we fight for safe cycling spaces on our roads so that new generations of cyclists are not put off cycling because of safety concerns.